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Surrounding Myself with Quotes

I am a word person. I love powerful quotes. I think in words, read words, and am encouraged by words.

It probably won’t surprise you that my love language is words of affirmation. When I chose to focus on storytelling this year, I decided to put my love of words on display. I made the following sign as a reminder of my theme for this year:


I collect quotes that I love. Whenever I need encouragement, I read through the quotes I’ve collected. This year I decided to start decorating my home with quotes in honor of my storytelling theme.

I went through my quote collection, picked out my favorites, and added some quotes about storytelling. I printed out my favorite quotes and put a few on my walls at home.

This display is my storytelling wall. I have plans to expand and get more quotes up, but that’s the stuff that happens when I have extra time – which means almost never.



The picture in the center is called My Destination Postcard. I will write about it in future blog posts, but it is basically some of my goals in life in picture form. The quotes that surround it are some of the ones that are meaningful to me at this phase in life.

It’s difficult to read the quotes I have on display so here they are up close:

All get what they want



Slings and Arrows


Harry Potter


Funny Girl

As you may be able to tell, I alternate quotes from books and quotes from theatrical productionsSlings and Arrows is technically a television show, but it’s a television show about theater so I include it in my theatrical quotes. (I have a ton of quotes from that show to put on my walls, it’s fantastic if you are a theater person.)

Ironically, these may not be my favorite quotes of the ones I selected. They just happened to be on the first sheet of quotes I printed out. Eventually I hope to add to my displays and I will post an update on the quotes I use.

I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes about storytelling that will eventually make its way onto my wall:

Change the world


What are some of your favorite quotes?